Cabinteely FC Digital Marketing

The Link Marketing manage all aspects of Cabinteely FC’s digital marketing for their SSE Airtricity League of Ireland team. Our work with the club has been nominated for countless awards and was awarded the 2015 Football Association of Ireland (FAI) Award for Best Social Media. We also built the club’s website for the League of Ireland team, which you can check out here. This website has been nominated for Best Sports Website in Ireland while our social media work has been recognised by the FAI, The Federation of Irish Sport and was nominated at The Irish Social Media Awards.

The FAI awarded us the 2015 Best Social Media Initiative award which recognises clubs or affiliates who have used social media to promote and generate awareness of initiatives being carried out in a unique or innovative manner. Emphasis was placed on innovation and engagement that has a lasting benefit to the club and league.

The Link marketing have been working with Cabinteely F.C. since the team was created in the beginning of 2015, and we have managed the League of Ireland’s social media accounts including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat, along with launching and managing their website.

Our online promotions have garnered attention worldwide, with Cabinteely being featured on sites such as,, The Guardian and The Irish Times.

The fans of League of Ireland and Irish football are engaging with Cabinteely across all platforms and recognise that the content being shared is unique and entertaining.

An example of one of the many promotions we have run for Cabinteely was our Football Manager competition. This campaign was completely free with no money spent on advertising but has had a return of the kind of publicity that you cannot put a price on.

The premise of the promotion was simple, the first person to win the Premier Division as manager of Cabinteely F.C. in the computer game Football Manager will win a free Cabinteely F.C. season ticket for the 2016 season! Full details of the offer can be found on the cabinteely website here. The original tweet can be seen below.


Social Media Coverage

The story has now been picked up by a number of media outlets, have a read of some of the big names that we have got talking about Cabinteely.

Football Manager

Football Manager showed their support for our offer by retweeting it to their 178,000 followers.

BBC Sport

BBC Sport mentioned our promotion in their daily roundup and shared this article to their 4.61 million followers on Twitter and 8.25 million fans on Facebook. The full article can be read at

Fox News

Fox News made a video about our promotion and shared it on their Fox Soccer page, sharing it to their 5 million fans on Facebook, you can watch the video below.

Bleacher Report

Bleacher Report is one of the biggest sports websites in America and they featured a story on Cabinteely F.C., sharing it to their 3.8 million Facebook fans. The full story can be read here.


Goal is one of the leading football websites in the world, they wrote an article on our latest promotion for Cabinteely and shared it to their 480,000 followers on Twitter and their Irish Facebook shared it to their 229,000 fans. The full story can be read here.


The American Sports website is one of the worlds largest websites of it’s kind. (They have 22 million Twitter followers!) ESPN is known for its coverage of NBA, NFL and Baseball but they found time to talk about Cabinteely F.C! They wrote an article about Cabinteely that you can read in full here.


Mirror Football

The Mirror in England featured Cabinteely F.C. on both their English and Irish websites. This was shared to their 3.2 million fans on Facebook through their Mirror Football page. The full story can be read here.

cabinteely fc football manager competition run by the link marketing

The Independent

The English newspaper wrote an article about Cabinteely F.C. and tweeted the article to their 1.54 million followers. The full story can be read here.


The English newspaper featured Cabo for the third time this season. They shared the story to their 1.1 million followers on Facebook and 214,000 followers on Twitter. The full story can be read here. They even ran this poll on their page.

the-link-marketing-cabinteely-fc / / Sportsjoe

The Joe media network shared Cabinteely’s story across Ireland the UK through their various pages. The full story can be read here.

The Sun

The Sun wrote an article about Cabinteely F.C. which you can read here. They shared this to their 403,000 fans on Facebook and 107,000 followers on Twitter.

One of Ireland’s biggest sporting websites,, wrote about Cabinteely F.C. and shared the story out to their 172,000 fans on Facebook and 51,200 followers on Twitter. The full story can be read here.


When it comes to the League of Ireland, there is one website that leads the way with their coverage of the league. The extratime team supported our promotion and shared updates to their 13,800 followers.


extratime-1 extratime-2




Copa90 are a brilliant sports website that have become known for their excellent Youtube channel covering all things football. They featured an article about Cabinteely F.C. on their website, the full story can be read here. This story was shared to their 1.9 million Facebook fans and 98,200 followers on Twitter.



The Sport Bible

The Sport Bible have built up a quite a following for sharing the best and funniest football stories from around the world. They shared the story to their 7 million fans on Facebook. The full story can be read here.




Benchwarmers are one of Ireland’s biggest Facebook pages with 690,000 fans and a further 46,400 followers on Twitter. They shared a story about The Link Marketing’s promotion with Cabinteely F.C., the full story can be read here.


Squawk are one of the leading websites in terms of football stats and analysis. They wrote a piece about Cabinteely F.C. and shared it to their 477,300 followers on Twitter and 247,000 fans on Facebook. The full story can be read here.


Lovin Dublin

Lovin Dublin is quickly becoming one of Dublin’s biggest websites and they featured a story on The Link Marketing’s promotion with Cabinteely F.C and shared it to their 75,000 fans on Facebook. The full story can be read here.



Footy Accumulators

Footy Accumulators have built up a very respectable following on social media and they got behind The Link Marketing’s promotion for Cabinteely F.C. and shared it to their 279,000 fans on Facebook and 299,000 followers on Twitter.



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